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How to Start with Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing simply means the use of the Internet (or other digital technologies) as a way to reach your potential customers and clients.

It can be as simple as "build a website" to a well designed and thought out content marketing strategy as with our "7 Step Pipefish Process".

"Digital" is simply the way computers work, zeros and ones, as opposed to analogue and a way of storing and transmitting data. Remember cassette recorders? They were analogue. Your phone's SD card or internal storage, that's digital. Which can hold more music for its size? Exactly. Digital is fast, reliable and infinitely more measurable than any other technology which makes it ideal for marketing.

But back to the basics. If you haven't really thought about your online marketing in terms of a strategic digital marketing plan then you may be wasting time and money on things you think you should do rather than what's effective.

Digital marketing, the kind that Pipefish helps our clients with anyway, is largely internet based and uses the following elements in working with you to plan the best strategy for your business...

  1. Website design
    1. The essential core of your online strategy, designed for mobile of course.
  2. Visual Design
    1. An essential factor in positioning your business in the marketplace.
  3. Content Marketing
    1. Share your expertise
  4. Getting Found on Google
    1. Search engine optimisation
  5. Social Media Marketing
    1. Reach people to help
  6. Email Marketing
    1. Keeping in touch

You may be familiar with most of these but not really know where to start. So hear are some resources to help you to get started yourself. Pipefish can help you at any point in your journey with "do if for you" marketing plans, coaching programmes or individual project work.

Free Resources to help you start digital marketing


Build for success in your online marketing

Download our completely free checklist now.

This list will help you tick off the things that need to be done to build your Internet presence on good foundations.
Website, social media, email, branding and more...

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