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Small Business SEO

Yoast recently published and article on small business SEO (link below) which brings together techniques for local business and general small business search engine optimisation. The two are of course related. Local business SEO refers to a business that wants to attract customers from a specific geographical area with those from further a field being an added bonus. This could be so-called “bricks and mortar” business like shops, restaurants, and contractors such as plumbers etc.

Local Small Business SEO

Other small businesses would want a larger reach, country wide or even international. However, they would also value local customers and clients as well as wanting the awareness that they are based in a specific location.

So both local and general small businesses have overlapping needs when it comes to appearing in the search results.

The article talks about the importance of how you present your brand to the world,

You should start by focusing on your niche and emphasizing your uniqueness. Think about how you present your brand: logos and tag lines are important to give your customers an idea of who you are as a business.

Notice how the focus is going away from the purely technical. It’s not just about keywords anymore, though a good technical base is necessary for good rankings.

A key takeaway from the article is that small businesses, not specifically local should always make sure their Google My Business listing is up to date and to encourage ratings and reviews.

If you run a small business or want to attract local customers then this article is great for giving you the basics you should be covering for your website content and social media.

Read the full article on Yoast here: The Ultimate Guide to Small Business SEO

Photo by woodrow walden on Unsplash


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