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Reach Your Audience

Social Media Marketing, Strategy & Management

Social media allows you to be where your customers are. This is extremely powerful. It is easier than ever to make offers to and engage with your target market. It has also made it much easier for a buyer to make public their likes and dislikes about specific products and brands as a whole.

The "rules" for strategic planning social media marketing are similar to any other marketing field but an understanding of the platforms and tools is essential in knowing what is effecive and what to focus on.

If you think social media is a huge waste of time, well it could be. Business owners who put everything they do on Facebook or Instagram may enjoy doing it and get pleasure from the feedback likes and shares bring but can you honestly say it is helping to grow your business? If you don't know then your not measuring it properly, and if it's not then it's not marketing.

You need help to plan and use what works, to automate the process where possible, and to use the most effective platforms for your brand.

Pipefish provide full "done for you" social media marketing services and coaching for those who what to learn and set it all up themselves with help and support.

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