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The Core of Your Digital Marketing

Small Business Website Design and Hosting

Modern, responsive business websites that not only look good on all devices but get you more customers and clients.

Your website should be the core of your online presence. It is what new prospects will look at first when judging if you are worth shortlisting for an email or phone call or direct purchase.

If your website doesn't reflect your brand values, credibility and trustworthiness why should anyone trust you with their money, or even their email address.

On the Web, at least for the time being, all websites are equal. So you are competing with the biggest and the smallest. If the smallest,  (paid advertising aside) is better at search engine optimisation than you, they will get your business if their offer is credible enough.

You need to beat your competition in as much of the online space as possible. Your website is the starting point for this.

Key Winning Factors for a Business Website

Looks great on all devices
Loads fast
Easy navigation
Clear brand message
Correctly structured content
Search engine optimised

Business Website FAQ

A Facebook Page is free. Why do I need a Website?

Facebook Pages are a marketing tool (a good one) but are no substitute for a property with assets that you own. You don't own Facebook, it owns you.

What does "responsive website" mean?

Responsive means that a website will adapt its layout to the size of screen it is viewed on. It is no longer necessary to have a separate mobile/small device version of your website. Google now marks non-responsive website in search results. All Pipefish websites are responsive. We can make your website responsive.

What Website Hosting Do I Need?

We ask our clients to use our website hosting server. We know our way around this technically and we can provide just one point of contact for website problems. It also allows us to offer special pricing, including free hosting for our clients on selected marketing plans.

Can We Use Our Company's Domain Name?

Yes. This can stay with the current registrar company as long as your company has full access. If you'd like just one point of access, renewal reminders and billing for this as well then domains can be transferred to our registrar.

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