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How to Get Found in Google

Search Engine Strategic Marketing

How to get found in Google is a much-typed search term. Problem is, the answer is easy to come by but not so easy to do.

If you already have a website but you can't find it when searching for the services you offer then action is needed. Likewise, if you find your site easily by searching for your own business name and think this is all you need then you need to think things through a little deeper!

Put yourself in the searching shoes of someone that wants what you offer but that doesn't know your business, so a potential new customer. Make a list of five, (to start with anyway), search phrases you might use to find your product or service.

Now search for each. Where does your business appear on in Google search results? Page 1, great. Page 3 or more, not so good. It's not just your home page you're looking for either, any page on your site is a potential lead-in "landing page" for a visitor.

So what to do about low rankings? From experience I can tell you that most business owners knowledge of search marketing is at least five years out of date. It is based on hearsay and a few scanned articles in the business sections of newspapers or magazines.

You have to be up to date in your knowledge, technical, and employ attention to detail to get any decent results and there are certainly no quick fixes.

The strategic part of optimising your website for good search engine results comes from deciding what to do first and what to focus on the most at any time. You can't do everything all the time, so you must make the best of the resources you have.

Pipefish can do an audit of what will be necessary to start you off on the road to higher rankings in Google and therefore more website visitors and the potential for more enquiries, leads and sales.

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