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Illustrate Your Point

Illustration & Design for Business & Marketing

Design is at the heart or every experience we have of the world, from products to paintings, from text on a page to logos. Signs and symbols, images, photographs, video, text... it's everywhere.

The effect of this is that we take it for granted. We see posters, magazine covers, websites. They are just there. Unless we are in the "game" of design we don't give a thought to how it was done, if it is a good composition of if the advertisement poster influenced us.

However, what the professional designers that create the visual world around us know is that there are rules, psychological triggers, standards and influences, and of course legal constraints that must be taken into account. These must be used, ignored, complied with or modified to get the desired effect.

What does your logo say about your brand? Is is congruent with the values you want your company to reflect. Does the poster you want for your event appeal to and attract the right audience for your event?

Is an illustrated character a good idea for your publicity? Would a printed brochure complement your website and how would they work together? Is you book cover standing out in the crowded Amazon search results?

Would your staff or audience pay more attention to your PowerPoint or Keynote slides if they were better designed?

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