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Valuable, Relevant, & Consistent

Content Marketing - Creation, Publish & Strategy

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Marketing Institute

Content Markting is really the heart of any marketing strategy today. Notice I said "marketing" not "digital marketing" or "internet marketing" specifically. In fact, content marketing has been around for hundreds of years. (See the above quote link for more.)

You can't have a social media marketing strategy without content marketing. You can't do search engine optimisation without good content. Public relations campaigns, if they are to be effective, should be based on relevant and useful content for potential customers and clients.

Your potential clients and customers look at traditional, standard, advertising campaigns the same way as you do. Mostly they skip over them or don't notice them at all. When you publish relevant, useful, timely, and helpful information you prospects will stick with you, look forward to more, stay engaged and yes... buy from you.

Just like you, they are not always ready to buy right away. So you must stay in contact and with the permission of your audience, keep them supplied with information they find interesting and want to see more of. It is not spamming them with your latest special offers. (A common problem with small businesses Facebook Page posts.)

When a prospect is ready to take the next step towards a purchase, depending on your sales cycle, the law or reciprocation will kick in. You have given something of value to them in your content so they will feel happy to give you their custom in return and come to you first.

Content Marketing Strategy

So the basics of a good content marketing strategy are...

  1. Purpose
    1. Know what you're doing and why your doing it.
  2. Audience
    1. Who are you creating content for? How will they benefit?
  3. Story
    1. Communicating your values and passions through content you provide so building strong customer relationships and brand loyalty.
  1. Process
    1. How your plans will be put into action.
  2. Measurement
    1. Collect and review relevant metrics to inform your ongoing content marketing plan.
  3. Be Realistic
    1. Content marketing sets in place a long term strategy for building your brand. Audiences take time to build up, but persevere and results will come.

How Pipefish Can Help Your Business Get Satrted with Content Marketing

Pipefish can help you plan and execute content marketing for your business at a level you can sustain and afford.

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