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The 7 Step Digital Marketing Process

The 7 Step Pipefish Process

  • Coaching or
  • Done For You
  • (we find a bit of both works best!)

Our 7 step process will help your business get your online marketing up to speed. We'll take you through the steps by coaching you and/or your team in what to do, how to do it, and how to set it all up. Or we'll do it for you after understanding all we can about your business and your objectives. We'll review the digital marketing assets you already have and suggest new creative content to present your business to the world in the most effective way possible.

1 - Make an Impression

Position your brand to give it the best (or a fresh) start in the marketplace.

2 - Tell Your Story

Use content marketing to establish you and your brand as the right choice for your target customers & clients

3 - Help People

Use education marketing to help your customers and clients, past present, and future, understand how they can be more effective at what they do.

4 - Make Friends

Build relationships using social media and email marketing to create a loyal fan base that will stick with you and recommend you to others.

5 - Find more people to help

Reach more people using strategic partnerships, "influencer marketing", syndicating content and paid advertising.

6 - Make It Easy

People should find you easy to work with and to buy from. Optimise any conversion process in your sales funnel.

7 - Keep Them Happy

Make people want to talk about you, share your content and recommend you to others. Keep current customers and clients coming back for more.

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